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I’m 10000000000000000000% done

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Louis C.K. Is America’s Undisputed King of Comedy
Comedy is subjective, but not with Louis C.K. He’s the funniest man alive, and we don’t want any of your lip about it.
❝Jesus was a radical, non-violent revolutionary who hung around with lepers, hookers and crooks; wasn’t American and never spoke English; was anti-wealth, anti-death penalty, anti-public prayer (M 6:5), but was never anti-gay; never mentioned abortion or birth control; never called the poor ‘lazy’; never justified torture; never fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarenes; never asked a leper for a co-pay; and was a long-haired, brown-skinned, homeless, community-organizing, anti-slut-shaming, Middle Eastern Jew.